You are heading out for a few drinks after work to catch up with your regular friends. It’s the usual blokes chat as you have a grumble about work and then discuss important matters like the upcoming weekend sport.

You cannot wait to tell them about your adventures last week, when you had to give your gathering a miss. You had taken your partner away for a few nights to Merimbula on the Sapphire Coast of NSW, but you hadn’t a clue of the incredible time you’d enjoy when you came across a sign reading, book fishing trips here.

You jokingly suggested that you should both give it a go, thinking she would tell you not to be so silly. To your surprise, she thought it was a great idea. You’re so glad that you went for 6 great reasons.

  1. Neither of you had ever been out to sea to try and catch fish. Indeed, never fished whatsoever, but you both love a laugh and adventure. As soon as you stepped aboard, you felt comfortable and welcomed as you joined another 10, with other novices among them, keen to test their skills.
  2. The modern vessel was manned by expert deckhands and a qualified skipper who soon put you at ease and provided you with all the necessary equipment and bait. You were given the very best advice and assistance showing you how to cast and have the best chance of landing a catch.
  3. The skipper used all his experience and local knowledge taking you to the best reefs according to weather conditions to offer you the maximum chances of catching fish, with many species in the waters.
  4. The absolute joy when your good lady caught a snapper was unbelievable towards the end of your 3 hour trip. The crew cleaned and bagged the fish so that you could cook it for dinner, which tasted especially good.
  5. The fishing was great fun, but an additional bonus came when you got a distant sighting of some migrating whales, with the Sapphire Coast a great location for whale watching.
  6. Merimbula was a lovely place to visit with its excellent restaurants and 5 different beaches to explore. It was just what the doctor ordered for a couple’s weekend away from the city.

You recommend the fishing trip and the Sapphire Coast to your friends, suggesting they also give it a go.