In a variety of settings, particularly the handling and cleaning of parts and components, there are certain types of cleaners to do the job. When dealing with grease and oil, particularly in the electronics, transport, and aerospace industries, getting it all off is a must.

Though there are a number of cleaning solutions out there, a solvent cleaner can turn out to be the best option. Still not sure? Let’s take a deeper look.

What Is a Solvent Cleaner?

For starters, it helps to know what solvent cleaners are to begin with. These products typically include a degreasing agent of some kind. Solvent cleaners can be used for ultrasonic, in-line tunnel, and spray washer cleaning, among other things.

Some solvent cleaners can even evaporate quickly, leaving little or no residue behind. It all comes down to how precise the operation or application may be. Because greases and oils aren’t water-soluble, they require something that will break them down and remove them from the surface in question. That is what solvent cleaners bring to the table.

They Are Highly Effective

There are a lot of things to like about solvent cleaners, but perhaps the biggest is how effective they are. Anyone who has worked in the industrial sector knows how difficult oils and greases can be to remove, especially from smaller components and parts.

Finding an effective cleaning product can mean not only having cleaner parts but saving time and effort as well. Solvents, especially compared to other cleaners, are far less likely to separate and become volatile when moved, which means that you are getting a pristine product when you purchase one.

Cleaner Surfaces

Another major benefit of utilising solvent cleaners is that they will create a clearer, longer-lasting clean. For the electronics and aerospace industries and others, tolerances and requirements can be tight. There is no room for residue from ineffective cleaners.

Having a solvent means that any stubborn resistance or streakiness will not remain. Dirt particles and soil that would otherwise just fall back into place will be dealt with, creating a deeper, more consistent clean.

They are also as versatile as it gets. Solvent cleaners can be used in the aforementioned applications but are also great for disinfecting areas, polishing floors, cleaning hard surfaces, and keeping windows looking spotless as well. Think of them as “do it all” cleaners.