Numbing creams help in nullifying the pain endured during any cosmetic procedures, especially during tattoo making. TKTX numbing cream has been the famous brand and only supplier of numbing creams in the UK

What Does TKTX Offer?

TKTX numbing cream comes in different colors of packaging and each of them has its unique features, customers can identify it by the color, as it’s easier to remember by color. The colors of TKTX creams are

  1. Gold
  2. Yellow
  3. White
  4. Black
  5. Blue
  6. Red

They also provide tattoo surviving kits with all products such as numbing cream, after-tattoo skin care kit, few goodies to keep the customer happy. Coming to these packages of tax numbing creams, the color is not just for identifying the product, but each of them is distinct and has different properties.

Understanding Each Product Of TKTX 

The yellow text numbing cream is made up of ingredients like soybean, clove oil, and chemical compounds and has longer, deeper and faster effects compared to its counterparts. Its best suitable for tattoos, piercing, and laser procedures

The black text numbing cream is deeper compared to yellow and shares similar composition and properties.

The gold tktx numbing cream is stronger and faster compared to yellow, and black and is best suitable for micro-needling, facial hair removal, makeup fixes, etc. All these products have a long-lasting numbing effect for 1 to 2 hours, and the numbing effects start to kick in within 30 minutes.

The red tktx numbing cream is the second strongest and fast working cream, also suitable for aesthetical procedures like microblading, facial fillers, etc.

The blue tktx numbing cream doesn’t offer deep effects of numbing, and it is suitable for smaller procedures like ear piercing, jewelry piercing, and small tattoos.

The white tktx numbing creams are the fastest of all the products with the composition of benzyl alcohol, lidocaine, and many compounds with natural elements of tea tree oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E to keep the skin hydrated and moist.

Privacy Policy of TKTX numbing cream

TKTX numbing creams have been very particular about drafting their terms and conditions and privacy policies so one who accesses their website for product purchase or review, should abide by these policy rules and shouldn’t cross the boundaries. A few of them can be seen below

  • Hyperlinking of government agency content, advertisements, distributors, and charity organizations shall be done on the website
  • Posting of content in form of reviews and FAQ’s should remain by the rules, without any derogatory and hurtful content of any sort
  • The company has full rights to deny access if they find any fraudulent access or activities on the website.
  • Cookies are to be accepted for a smooth order purchase process and no personal data shall be used for other activities rather than identity checks.
  • Content from the website is subjected to copyrights and one shouldn’t access the content or build any frames around the webpage without permission and authorization