CBD oils and other new CBD products seem to be everywhere these days, promising to improve health and well-being for both humans and our four-legged companions.

What Is CBD?

Hemp and marijuana plants contain cannabidiol, a cannabinoid molecule, which is often referred to as CBD.

People and pets both benefit from using CBD because of its ability to affect the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Many vital processes are affected by the unique communication systems of the brain and body, such as the way a pet feels, moves and responds.

We know that CBD may help dogs suffering from a range of ailments by extracting it and using it as an ingredient in products like chewable and oils. It may also help canines suffering from arthritic pain.

Safety factors of using CBD for your pet

Hemp and marijuana both contain CBD, a non-intoxicating compound. In contrast to THC, CBD has no psychoactive effect on humans or pets when used correctly. CBD, on the other hand, can reduce stress and anxiety in dogs and cats through influencing brain activity.

Intoxicating doses of THC should never be administered to pets. In order to ensure that your pet is receiving the correct amount, it is critical to consult with your veterinarian and avoid using non-pet goods.

CBD for Pets: Benefits

The medicinal efficacy of hemp-derived CBD products for dogs has yet to be shown; thus the scientific community is currently debating what CBD can and cannot accomplish.

Our pets’ natural endocannabinoid system, which regulates many of the body’s processes in our dogs and cats, works in tandem with hemp-derived products.

Hemp-derived CBD products for dogs may also be supported by anecdotal evidence

Hemp CBD treats and products like Suzie’s CBD Peanut Butter have been recommended by pet owners because of its purported benefits for a wide range of diseases, from pain and inflammation to anxiety and digestive problems.

According to many peer-reviewed studies, the lives of dogs with osteoarthritis were enhanced by the use of hemp-derived CBD oil.

How CBD will affect the behavior of cats and dogs?

The variations between the endocannabinoid system of dogs and how this system reacts to Phyto cannabinoids (synthetic and plant-based cannabinoids) like CBD still need to be extensively compared by researchers.

CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors in a pet’s body are the most common. Inflammation, pain, allergies, and mood may all be influenced by these receptors, which assist maintain healthy immune and central nervous systems in pets.

Like the endocannabinoids, Phyto cannabinoids such as CBD connect to cannabinoid receptors in the body.


You are already familiar about CBD and now, the time has come to utilize CBD for your pet’s benefits as well. it may seem risky at first. But if you can research properly and don’t forget to consult with your pet’s vet, then everything will work out.