In this world of social media’s influence, to stay relevant your Instagram needs to exude genuine vibes and be bang on! Take cues from the likes of Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez using the correct hashtags, launching and collaborating with major brands, and keeping it real. Balancing their professional and personal life helps them to attract such a huge following. Back home, we have the Kapoors, Panday’s, Bhatt’s slaying it. Of course, they have the benefit of being celebrities but it doesn’t take a commoner long to escalate to new heights of fame!

The followers signify the reach and engagement of the Instagram handle. However, on the further investigation, if a new visitor finds out that the exaggerated likes, minimal engagement is due to fake bots? This will prompt distrust and you will lose a potential follower.

Therefore, the quick fix to this situation isbuilding organic bonds and not purchasing fake followers. Real Instagram followers, unlike bots, like posts, comment on pictures and share the content. The modus operandi,therefore, is to aim for organic engagement and not dummy followers potentially harming the authenticity of the account.

Social media presence on multiple platforms and decent Instagram following indicate your brand value. It sometimes so happens that despite producing riveting content, we cannot hit the mark and have very humble followers count.

Fake followers do not increase engagement but sure boost your ego. Some people also follow random people desiring a follow back. For example, you have 6000 followers but you follow 7000 people. This shows your profile is not generating quality content.

Reliable sites that promise to provide organic reach should be chosen over sites that offer to supply fake followers. Your account can flourish through hashtag engagement and location affiance. The limitation, however, is lower traffic andlessened time spent by followers on your page.

Follow these ways to get real Instagram followers:-

  1. Always make your bio keyword searchable. Have a username that is consistent with your existing social networks. This is effective in asserting consistency across social networks and creates brand awareness and visibility of the profile.
  2. Aim to be on your audience’s explore page. It is from there you can slowly crawl from being a frequently visited account to the most loved and trusted page.
  3. Collaboration with brands and providing discounts, offers, and giveaways can make you audience’s favourite. But don’t sound very sale-sy. Keep it subtle and inward to get real Instagram followers.
  4. Use relevant hashtags. Captions shouldn’t run long. They should be short and conversational. Tag relevant users.
  5. Instagram stories offer abundant options to interact with users. Polls, quizzes, contests are tools to engage followers. Here too, make judicious use of hashtags to reach a wider audience.
  6. Do not be a reluctant handle and post consistently. Abide by a particular content and topic and once you have understood your area of expertise, createsubject matter around it. Your loyal onlookers want a specific kind of content from you. Therefore, satisfy them with what they want to see on your page.

What are you waiting for? Know the tricks of the trade now, so go on and immediately apply them to see results!