The following are some of the commonly asked questions regarding the tattoo numbing cream:

How long does it take for the numbing cream to work?

Once you have applied it correctly, you are going to experience little or no pain for the initial 45 minutes to about 60 minutes. After which, you will begin to gradually feel the needle working on your skin. You need to be warned that, there are those who used it and they felt the sensations returning where there was a feeling of more intense than if they  had not utilized the numbing cream at all.

Is the skin going to stay number for longer in case the cream gets left on for a longer time?

To leave the cream on the skin for a longer period doesn’t have an impact and will not end up increasing the numbness feeling. In fact, it can end up having the opposite effect, causing your nerves to get all the jacking up, making you even more uncomfortable in the process of tattooing. To allow the cream to stay for longer on too long can as well impact negatively on your healing as the area which gets numbed will become more sensitive, affecting the blood flow to the area.

What does the tattoo artist require to know about the cream used?

You need to ensure that you advise your artist of your intention of using the numbing cream, informing them of the product name. They could be having their own preferred product for use. If that is the case, they you need to use the product because the artist will be more familiar with the way their product works and the results to expect. Because of that, you have a better chance of getting a great tattoo.

What if there is a no to numbing cream by my artist?

An artist might also decide to refuse to use a numbing cream on you. That is why it is necessary that you allow them to know in advance the plan you have and the brand that you are intending to use.  It is necessary because if it happens to be a water based, then it will not be slippery for them while doing the design. They could be inclined in letting you utilize the cream.

Is there a need of wearing gloves when putting on the cream?

It is necessary to always put on gloves when touching or applying the numbing cream as it will end up numbing your fingers. You have to ensure that the artist wears gloves as well to avoid the fingers of the artist becoming numb, which will not be good.

Is there a difference when the cream is glycerin based and water based?

It is necessary to utilize the water based cream compared to using glycerin based to enable your skin not to be slippery during the process of tattooing.

What makes the topical cream for numbing to make you numb?

They are creams which have frequently been used in dental and doctor surgery to assist with relief of pain for injections and performing other minor surgeries. The main ingredient is lidocaine 5% which is the highest percentage that is approved by the authorities in medicine.