When it comes to choosing a shoulder holster, some people choose leather holsters, and those who choose holsters made of other materials. We all know that leather holsters can be expensive but they have many things to offer users. Leather gun holsters have been for a very long time known as the standard holsters. The good thing about leather holsters is that they can customize themselves around your gun. They offer always offer a safe fit and help in keeping your firearm very safe. If you compare leather holsters to other holsters, you will realize that leather holsters are resilient and strong. They are also simple to handle. Here are some of the benefits of having a leather holster

They are very durable

The number one reason why you need a leather holster is because of how durable they are. There are many reasons why leather is making the best safety gears. Apart from just making leather holsters, they are also used in making safety boots and coats. Leather holsters are loved by many people because they are a huge investment. When you buy one today, you will stay for a very long time before you buy another one. If you take care of your leather holster, it can last a lifetime and you will not need to do any kind of replacement. If the leather requires repair work, you can just look for a leather maker to help you do the necessary repairs.

They look good

If you are looking for a holster that looks good, you should consider leather holsters. When it comes to leather products, the more you use them the better it will look. It will also conform to your shape with time. This simply means that leather holsters can blend with you and your gun as time goes by. Even if you feel like the holster is not comfortable at first, it will just get comfortable with time. When you compare leather to other holster materials, there is indeed no material that can beat leather when it comes to cleanliness and beauty.

It is very comfortable for IWB

If you are thinking of looking for the best IWB carry, the best way to do it is by finding a leather holster. When you compare leather material to other materials such as Kydex and nylon, you will realize that leather is much softer. When you are thinking of concealed carry option, the leather option is the most popular option to think of. IWB holsters are the types of holsters that are required to be very tight to the body. The good thing about leather is that it will not rub the skin. Even after carrying your weapon for a very long time, you will still feel comfortable having it. You will not think of removing the weapon because you are feeling uncomfortable. The leather holster blends with your skin very well. It will make you feel like the firearm is a part of you.