The indulgence of growing technology is not unknown to us. It has been proved to be a boon to us, but the curses aren’t far behind. Some of the factors of the internet like accessibility, affordability, convenience, interactivity, associability, and many more have led to the increase of gambling via the Agen Slot, commonly known as 먹튀 online gambling.

The Saga

Online gambling has a saga of its own. Earlier, online casinos were common; Microgaming developed gambling software by the Isle of Man. This software was made secure by a software developer by cryptologic. Over time gambling has become a lucrative business all over the internet. Some countries allow it, like The United States, some places in Canada, mainly in the European Union and several nations in the Caribbean. While in some other states, it’s a serious crime. Agen Slot exists in many forms, not only casinos or lotteries or sports but also horse race betting, poker, mobile gaming, advance deposit wagering, etc. Not so surprisingly, all of these forms of gambling can be operated via the internet.


Having a glance at the statistics shows us how online gambling has been increasing in this era.

It has been recorded that between the years 2009 and 2010, 4% of the adults have bet online mainly from the UK. In the following year, there was a 5% increase, and it was seen that out of 5000 adults 11.2% of them had participated in online gambling at least once in the period of last weeks out of which half of them had participated in lotteries.

Limits are important

Everything should do done in a limit, even a game like gambling should have its limits.  Currently, online gambling doesn’t have any boundaries and can be funded via credit cards. Gambling may become a severe issue if not controlled.