You can certainly not win the heart of your customer if your packaging is not done thoughtfully. Your packaging should be such that it can easily catch the eyes of your customers so that it can create a very good first impression.

That is one of the reasons why Belley box packaging always pays lots of attention to their packaging by following few points.

  • Suitable design

While designing your packaging, you need to pay great attention to several things. Some of them are:

  • Prefer square or rectangular box
  • Cleverly showcasing your product
  • Make the shipping easier

Mailer boxes can be an excellent way of incorporating a surprising element into your packaging.

  • Various inserts

Another proven technique is using inserts like handwritten notes, which has become a very popular trend. Make sure that your note should be short and crisp. The longer note may not cut the ice. Few other insert ideas can be as follows:

  • Inserting review request
  • Product samples
  • Candy
  • Printed boxes

Try to print the logo of your company along with the company name, address, and contact number. You can also the name of the product and its main use.

Not only this will create more eyeballs for your product but also people will know more about the presence of your product in the market.

  • Unboxing experience

This is another thing that many of the business often forget to consider. You must try to introduce certain surprise elements or certain sensations that will be loved by your customers.

You can also include a certain sound or attractive smell so that they can feel your product even before they can open it.

  • Colors

The attractive color is always a tactic that many businesses often use in their packaging. For example, if you are mailing any toy item for children then use attractive colors that are liked by children.

Even in the inside of the box, you can use any attractive color.

  • Unusual materials

You can use few out of box ideas inside the package so that it can be a pleasant surprise for the receiver of your package.

  • Use of stickers with strategy

Many companies also prefer to use certain stickers in a very creative way that is immediately loved by the receivers.

  • Service

Last but certainly not least, your exceptional service will be the key to the success of your e-commerce business. Your product must be delivered in time and if it needs replacement or repair, then it should be done immediately.