Do you enjoy being a vet tech, but need to know much more about the fundamental benefits and drawbacks behind selecting this career? Each individual pertains to facets of the task in different ways, but hopefully this short article can provide you with an over-all understanding of what to anticipate if you choose to be a veterinary specialist.


You’re able to use creatures. Obviously, if you do not like creatures, then this can be a downside, why can you even consider as being a vet tech in the event that was the situation! Vet techs reach communicate with creatures while increasing the caliber of their lives every day. This task is a superb fit to have an animal lover.

Vet techs are very popular. The profession is really relatively recent to the concept of veterinary medicine. With increased people prepared to invest quality pet care, vets have been in dire necessity of qualified vet techs who are able to help their practice evolve and also be. It will not be difficult that you should get a job like a licensed vet tech – some experts estimate there are 5 open positions for each 1 graduate!

No dull moment. I have spoken with vet techs who’ve labored for many years out there and love the way the job constantly challenges them and presents unique and new situations every single day. If the idea of sitting in a desk bores you to definitely tears, you’ll love caring for your ft inside a fast-paced atmosphere like a veterinary specialist.


Low salary. Among the greatest concerns of veterinary techs may be the low salaries that appear to become commonplace through the profession. In 2008 the mean annual salary was around $30,000. There’s very little room for advancement like a tech, unless of course you progress right into a management position. Techs with a lot of experience have a tendency to maximize around $20-22/hour.

Hazardous working conditions. Should you be a veterinary tech, you must know that you will be dealing with some creatures that are not very friendly. You will get scratched and bitten frequently, and you will be uncovered to urine, feces, bloodstream, and vomit every day. If you cannot stomach these types of working conditions, this isn’t the job for you personally.

Heartbreak. Another inevitability you’ll encounter like a tech would be the heartbreaking cases. Creatures with terminal illnesses must be euthanized, and you will see lots of discomfort and suffering generally. Obviously you can take solace in because you do the very best you are able to to assist your patients, but as it pertains lower into it, this task is not always glamorous.